5 Great Website Layout Examples You Must See (2020)

I think You will agree – it’s really hard to create great design. Especially, when it comes to website layout. Or is it?

Actually, with the method, it can be much easier. You just have to rely on design patterns and principles that already work.

However, these patterns can be vague. It’s much more useful to look at real and working examples.

You have to start by finding a couple of web page design examples that already work great. Look at category leaders. Look at Your largest competitors. Try to understand what they are doing and why.   

Then You can start implementing them in Your web page designs step-by-step. But that’s a different story. Today we’re sticking to the first step – examples.

That’s why today I’m sharing a list of my favourite website layouts. Use them for inspiration. Don’t just copy. Make them Your own.

Website layout design examples that You should use for inspiration

CXL - how to design a good website layout 101

CXL is actually one of the best examples of what happens when conversion rate optimization is done properly. The pages just make sense. There is nothing that is not functional. Everything that is included serves a purpose. I encourage You to browse cxl.com and look for inspiration for Your own website. You won’t be disappointed.

DigitalMarketer - website layout if you’re looking for something new

Even though I’m not a big fan of DigitalMarketer, their webpage is a good source for inspiration. Why? Because they use unconventional designs that I have rarely seen elsewhere. And they make them work very well. Therefore, if You’re looking for something new, head over to digitalmarketer.com

Sonos - when function meets innovation

Sonos is an incredibly innovative company. However, when it comes to web page layout, innovative companies usually rely on complicated patterns. As if that somehow magically makes their customers perceive them as even more innovative. Note – it doesn’t, it’s just confusing. 

Thankfully, when it comes to their website, Sonos has struck a nice balance. No too “innovative” and not too boring. I call such design – when function meets innovation. Therefore, sonos.com is a great source of ideas for a visually exciting, but still good and functional website layout.

Jake Food - keeping your website layout simple

Why complicate things, right? Simple is beautiful. And simple often is the best way. jakefood.com is one of the best example of simple, yet beautiful and functional website design. Everything just works. Browsing is easy, like a stroll through a park. Furthermore, buying is even easier, with prominent and simple calls to action on most pages. 

BuyAus40.com - simplifying the complicated

Marine diesel exhaust fluid – quite complicated stuff, right? Well, actually, it doesn’t have to be. buyaus40.com is a great example of how you can make complicated stuff seem easier by using a simple, yet beautiful website layout. Okay, I have to admit I’m a bit biased here. This is actually one our projects at GOWEB ACADEMY. But I’m proud of how it turned out, so I want to share this experience with You.


So, what can we learn from this?

First, simplicity is a reoccurring theme in these web page designs. And that’s not a mistake. The simple design is almost always better. That’s a rule I live by.

Second, there are several common things that make a website better for users. They make it easier for users to accomplish certain actions. This is often called conversion rate optimization (CRO). We have a list of really important tips that will help You optimize any page for conversions. You can find it here

Finally, I want to emphasize that it is much easier to create a great website layout when You have a specific example in mind. But, don’t just copy. Build on it. Make it Your own. 

And remeber...

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Article by:
Ed Lapins
Ed Lapins
Founder & CEO of GOWEB ACADEMY. I help businesses sell more online with digital marketing and eCommerce conversion rate optimization. In 2019 my clients made more than 10M USD in online sales.
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